How would you define your style this summer? These five weeks were all about fashion trends, as a result of the number of cultures and different personalities. Some of the popular clothing and shoe brands we could see in campus were AntiSocial Social Club, Sam Edelman (with the famous colorful pompoms shoes worn by Latinas), Vineyard Vines, Stan Smith, Psyco Bunny, and many more.

Nevertheless we were also able to see very particular styles, like the colorful and super comfortable pants of the Palestinians and the Saudi Arabians. These pants, called ¨La Suna¨ are commonly worn back home. As Faris Chaaban, 17, from Saudi Arabia said ¨Half of my friends were wearing them — it became a trend. After that I bought them, and I loved them.¨ He and his group of friends described these pants as stylish and really really comfortable. In addition this trend is very versatile: the fabric is very thin, so it is perfect for the weather in the Middle East, but also in Exeter; and they have designs with different patterns and colors for every personality.

Furthermore, a very unique style are the socks worn by some students. A great example is Carlos Martinez from Venezuela, who has made himself known for his particularly crazy socks. When asked about this style, he says ¨With these socks, I go with the flow.¨

The very uncommon part of this are the designs of avocados, pizzas, bananas, motorcycles, cars, knives, lobsters, mustaches, and many more. Also, he and his friends Carlos Fernandez and Francisco Romero believe that wearing singular socks reflects the cheerful and funny personality they all have.

On the other hand, we were able to see Jacinda Duesbury from New York, Justice Wysigner from Chicago and Lauren Carson from Memphis  with their characteristic hairstyles. These girls came to Exeter with box braids, but after four weeks they decided to go natural. in ¨Pufs.¨

The change was because they were tired of that style. Although it is easier to manage, they were too heavy and they were missing their natural hair. It came out to be a great result. Now they describe this style as ¨playful, chic, natural, cool and unique.¨ Also, this allows them to show off their outfits with the awesome hair.

After all, styles are all different and it is common that groups of friends from the same country have similar styles. Something great about this opportunity for all students was getting to know how some pants, socks, a different hairstyle and more trends are worn all around the world.