A school-wide Zumba class was held right on the front steps of the Academy Building last Friday. The first-ever outdoor assembly was hosted by Courtney Marshall, an English teacher at Exeter, who  also teaches five different types of Zumba.

“Zumba is a Latin-based dance, fitness program,” Ms. Marshall said, “So it is dancing but you don’t have to be a super-duper dancer, right. So Zumba is for everybody.”

Zumba is a great, easy way to exercise, and have fun doing it, as well.

As the steady stream of students rolled into the front lawn for last Friday’s outdoor assembly, nobody knew what to expect. The next 30 minutes was a fun, high-energy dance session in front of the Academy Building. The upbeat tempo was set by Ms. Marshall, who led the students through a series of different routines and movements.Ms. Marshall was upbeat and exciting the entire time, never seeming to slow down. The students reacted positively to every new move she made, which made for a joyful atmosphere.

For the first song of the session, only a few brave students stood directly in front of Ms. Marshall. But students seemed to recognize that Zumba could be fun for everyone.

By the next song, the dancers nearly tripled in number, and by the third song there were almost more people dancing than there were watching. Even some teachers were getting in on the action as they danced with the rest of the school.

“It was a great experience,” Andy Chang, a student from New Jersey, said following the assembly. “I learned some dabbling moves, you know. I was vibin.’”

Students definitely learned a thing or two about fitness and that Zumba is more fun, and tiring than they expected.

Abdulrahman Alayli from Lebanon was heavily involved in the dancing. At one point, he made his way onto the steps behind the instructor, facing the rest of the crowd.

“It was fun, it was amazing, and everyone had a good time,” Abdulrahman said.

Even students standing and watching from the outside had smiles on their faces from the spectacle in front of them.

The Zumba class was a hit. Everybody, even the teachers seemed to enjoy it very much, and the feedback couldn’t have been better.

Zumba was a perfect way to let students have a little fun between their first and second half of classes.

Correction, July 20, 2017: In an earlier version of this article, Courtney Marshall was misidentified as “Carolyn.”