The ‘Raise the Bar’ fundraiser is taking place today, aiming to raise funds to cater to the financial needs of applicants for next year’s summer program.

These funds will go towards accommodation, travel and books of students who otherwise would not be able to attend.

“Exeter Summer is a life-changing experience that every child should have a chance to attend, regardless of whether or not they can afford the close to $9,000 cost,” said Elena Gosalvez-Blanco, the director of Exeter Summer.

For the first time ever, funds were solicited from Exeter Summer parents, in an effort that Gosalvez-Blanco describes as an experiment. She believes that the parents will be more inclined to give after hearing the glowing testimonies from their children about Exeter Summer.

In order to commemorate Exeter Summer’s 99th birthday, the goal of the fundraiser is to receive 99 donations. According to Gosalvez-Blanco, however, there is no monetary goal for the fundraiser and even the smallest donations are encouraged.

“Any amount will help,” she said. “You can even donate $10, because if at the end of the day if five people donate $10, that’s already $50 and that can cover the cost of about two books for a student.”

It is in everyone’s best interest that this goal is met. Not only will numerous children from every corner of the world get the opportunity of a lifetime, but every current summer student here on campus will receive an Exeter Bar — a delicious brownie treat — in their mailbox.

“Everybody loves them, they’re a classic,” Gosalvez-Blanco said.

Students are eager for the results of the fundraiser, which will determine whether or not they will receive the scrumptious Exeter Bar. “I’m really excited for the Exeter Bar because I’ve never had one before and it sounds delicious.” said Minie Yuan, a 13-year-old Access student from China. Other students described using the Exeter Bar as an incentive as a cool way to grab people’s attention and motivate them to donate.

However, the bars aren’t the only thing that delight the students. Students are very pleased about the fundraiser because it’s an opportunity to help others in need. “I think it’s a great idea, we should even have more than 99 donors,” said Nina Sandoval, Colombian 15-year-old Upper School student. “It’s good that we realized that we are super privileged and we have way more than we need, so we can give the extra to those who don’t have at all.”

The fundraiser received a lot of support especially from students here who are recipients the financial aid Exeter offers. Kaitlyn Staley, 14-year-old Access student from North Carolina said, “I’m here on financial aid myself and I think it’d be really cool to give others the opportunity to experience Exeter cause it’s really great here.”

Students are encouraged to support the fundraiser by either reminding parents to donate here or contributing directly to the fund at anytime by giving money on their Lioncards at the Student Activities office.