Since the start of this summer, the weather in Exeter has been quite unpredictable. After a rather warm welcome of 87 degrees Fahrenheit on the first day of PEA Summer,, the highest temperature varied from 69 degrees to 85, according to the Weather Channel.

On July 7th and 8th, it was raining extremely hard, as if people living high up in the sky had turned their tap on and simply forgot to close it. In the afternoon of July 8th,it rained so hard that an umbrella wouldn’t help a person from being soaked. Many of our fellow students even received an emergency alert saying “Flash Flood Warning this area til 3:30 PM.” On that exact afternoon, students nearly missed their field day because of the rain. The good news is that it stopped an hour before field day started.

“It is definitely not the best weather days,” Said Mary Xu, from St. Louis, “I almost feel a little bit unprepared.”

Also, the rain came suddenly. Many people were outside when the rain started, and with nothing to protect them from the rain drops, they were completely soaked by the time they reached their dorm. (Unfortunately, they could not be located later, so there is no way to know how they felt.)

There was constant drizzling later on, and the slight breeze that followed comforted many. “I don’t like the rain but I rather like the breeze that comes with it.” said Mimi Haripottawekul, from Bangkok, Thailand, .

Shortly after that, on July 9th, the temperature jumped to 82 degrees, which is almost a record, according to the Weather Channel. The rain had exerted itself and disappeared, so there was not a piece of cloud to protect us from the heat. The sun was spreading its heat waves directly at everyone.

“I expected the weather to be much colder than this,” said Mimi who lives in a much hotter place than Exeter. Especially at noon or during sports session, the sun got so irritating that the ground seemed to melt. Moreover, the wind left with the rain, and that made the day more unbearable than any other day.

Surprisingly, according to Syl Gibson from San Francisco, “It’s pretty similar to last year’s [weather].” Historically, in July, New Hampshire’s average highest temperature was 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average precipitation was 3.44 inches, according to Intellicast. But from recent experiences, the weather varies a lot.

During the horrible weather, some people suffered from not having enough clothes to wear. One of them was Mary Xu, who didn’t bring a sweater. Others, on the other hand, quite enjoyed the rain. “I enjoy the fear of being flooded.” said Carol Chen.

“I liked the rain.” said Syl. So, even though the weather annoyed some of us, it is not completely a bad thing. At least some preferred rain to heat, and some humidity is not bad at all. Hopefully, the weather in the next couple of weeks is going to be far more comfortable.