Exeter is not only known for making unforgettable memories with new people but for also the various foods the Dining Hall provides daily for all national and international students and also Exeter faculty. 

Food is served 3 times a day. Breakfast from 6:45-8:45, Lunch from 11:00-2:00, and Dinner 5:00-7:00. If you don’t have time to eat during a certain time, it`s not a problem because Exeter Dinning Hall is flexible with time, so everyone is able to grab something to eat. The menu changes every day and every day you have new options to choose from. I`ve gone around and asked students what they thought of the food at Exeter for the first week. 

“Great, much better than food at my school. Very impressed about the options we get to have every day.” – Katie Jenson

“It`s delicious!! I feel guilty myself that I have to have seconds of a certain dish because its tastes amazing and I am not ashamed to have more of something that I like” – Jason  Moorie

“The Dining Hall never fails to surprise me. Props to the cooks because they are good at what they do!” – Jenni Lippen

“Muy Bien” – Lena Malien

“I am very picky at the food I eat but honestly the food they serve here is great and it has me to not be picky. I seem to not complain a lot like I normally do.” – Jasmine Grysel

“Better than the food they serve at my school, like 10x better. Also you have more options of food to choose from.” – Megan Samyal

“I am happy to be here the food makes me even more happy. I am obviously a food person and right off the bat I give Exeter Dining Hall 5 stars. Keep doing me proud cooks of Exeter.” – Dominik Chrimore

“I love the food and the food here makes me believe Exeter loves me back. LOL.”- Janie Yestie

“Each day you have some kind of dessert after you are done eating and back home desserts isn`t always served after dinner. Being able to have desserts freely is a privilege to have.”- Doma Hamilton

Exeter cooks do not fail to surprise students with what they serve. (A great big thanks to our Summer Exeter Cooks for making everyone smile with the food you make!)

“I don`t like how students waste their food! I mean you serve yourself. Take out how much you are going to eat. Not how much you will waste.” – Amor Kane

“I don`t like how students leave a mess after they are done eating! Please clean up after yourselves, people cook for you the least thing you can do is clean up after yourselves. You are supposed to be a mature adult.” – Malane Phayne

“I dislike how like how there isn`t enough room to eat, the Dining Hall isn`t big enough for 700+ students.”- Blaire Higmen

“Exeter Dining Hall is supposed to be as easy place to make friends, but lately some people tend to forget that concept. For the past couple days I`ve noticed that people seem to blow off someone who is just trying to make a simple conversation. Everyone should have the attitude of always making a new friend. Mr. Weatherspoon himself said a simple hello can go a long way.” –Anthony Heights