The opening of Exeter’s summer session of June 2nd marked the beginning of security operations on campus. Campus security is located next to the gym across from the track. The head of campus security, Paul Gravel, held a brief assembly at The Academy Building on what students need to know about their safety.

In an interview, Mr.Gravel reinforced the importance of safety on campus. He first mentioned the potential danger of crosswalks on campus. There are three main cross walks where cars frequently travel through—two on Front St. and one on Court St. He emphasized that students must stop and look before they cross the street to make sure that the driver is paying attention to them.

“Take a second and look,” said Mr.Gravel. “ Don’t take for granted that the driver is going to stop.” The centerpiece of the security effort is to make sure that students are walking safely through those crosswalks.

Campus Safety officers have not witnessed Exeter students jumping off the bridge connecting the track and field area to the stadium. Towards the end of last week, officers watched four local children jumping off the bridge through the safety camera. Exeter security has every area of the campus covered with cameras so that it can make sure that everyone is safe. The water under the bridge became even shallower when the dam in the town was removed.

When students lose something, the first place they should go is either the summer school office or the campus security. Mr. Gravel mentioned that last week there was a wallet missing from one of the students. The wallet was later found but there was money missing. He believed that the wallet was lost off-campus. The Campus Safety keeps missing items for 90 days. If no one claims the item, the office would donate them to the Salvation Army.

Every boarding student at Exeter is required to check in with the dorm proctor at 9 p.m  Monday through Friday. Yesterday, July 9th, at around 2:30 p.m, a student’s parent called the security office because she couldn’t get in touch with her child. Officers went through the file and entered his room and found him there. In cases when they can’t find students in their rooms, they would track them down with their Lion Card by checking when was the last time the card was used.

“9 o’clock is a good time.” said Mr. Gravel. After 9 o’clock, students are under close supervision of their deans or dorm proctors. If students feel sick or hurt themselves at any time, Campus Safety would drive them  over to the health center. In serious cases, they would bring them to the hospital. “ We are responsible for the student,” said Mr. Gravel, “ When their parents aren’t here, we become their parents.” He emphasized that students should feel safe on campus at any time.

The number of Campus Safety is 603-777-4444. “ We want it to be a good experience,” said Mr. Gravel. “If my children were to come here, I would want them to be safe. You want to know that somebody is there for you. We want everyone to have fun. We want it to be a good experience for everyone, and we want it to be safe.”