You may or may not have heard of Harlem before. If you haven’t, my job here is to inform you about Harlem. You can always Google it but I am here to give my opinion about Harlem.

I was born and raised there. Harlem is a neighborhood in New York City from the North of 96 Street to 155th Street. Harlem is culturally rich in multiple ways. It is also home to places like The National Black Theatre, The Schomburg Center, The Apollo, The Savoy Ballroom, and Red Rooster. Lately, there has been a lot of gentrification and that causes a lot of tension between gentrifiers and the citizens of Harlem.

Harlem is culturally rich, full of many places that are historically significant to African- Americans. Anyone can have the opportunity to visit special monuments that cannot be found elsewhere. For decades, Harlem has been booming because of its great features: popular restaurants, cheap but nice apartments, cool monuments, and great schools. My personal favorite restaurant is the Harlem Shake because it brings out the uniqueness of Harlem and serves delicious food.

My favorite monument in Harlem is the Apollo Theater. The Apollo Theater has been around since 1914. This proves that it was significant enough to stay standing until this day. The Apollo Theater also ties into The Harlem Renaissance period. Harlem today is the extension of The Harlem Renaissance time period.

In my community, it is easy to be social with others. It is common to have a good relationship with neighbors, store owners, and townsfolk. In other places in NYC, it might be harder to build relationships with your fellow townsfolk because most people move in and out, but in Harlem, it is common for one to know people for many years. For example, most of the people in my neighborhood know the deli owner, Abdul very well. 

Many people might mention that Harlem is a bad place because violence and poverty is common, but in all places of the of the Earth, violence and poverty exist. Harlem has much more to bring to NYC.

Life in Harlem is extraordinary and I mean it in a good way. One day you may be walking down the street and bump into a group of dancers on the sidewalk dancing for fun. Or you can have a good conversation with a complete stranger on the train. In other places other than Harlem, this may seem odd, but it’s normal in Harlem because everyone comes together as a community.

One of the many advantages of living in Harlem is finding good, quality foods for an affordable price. For example, you can get a full meal with $5 in Harlem whether it’s Mexican food, Indian food, African food, and many others.

I feel it’s important to have a place where African-Americans can express themselves and Harlem is the best place to do so. In fact, Harlem is one of the many places that represents black culture in many aspects. There are centers that support black culture, community groups, churches, and so much more. Harlem has a reputation that is seen as dangerous place where violence is vast and where poverty is familiar.

But actually, Harlem is so much more than that, beyond the shaming stigma of Harlem. It is where many beautiful souls connect and where people grow and become better people. Harlem is the seed of African-American culture. Harlem is an innovation of a new and revised world. Harlem is fascinating, come and see for yourself.