Chicago is one of the best cities in the world. It is known for its multiple attractions like the Sears Tower, Millennium Park, Lollapalooza, Wrigleyville, and many more. The city is full of activities for residents and tourists.

The Taste of Chicago is currently underway. It is known as the nation’s premier outdoor food festival, showcasing the diversity of Chicago’s dining community. This festival is full with activities for the entire family, allowing everyone to have a good time.

The city has recently been revived by the defending World Series champions, the Chicago Cubs. Ever since November 2, 2016, when the Cubs won the World Series, the city burst once again into a city of champions.

Throughout the years, being a sports fan in Chicago has been very tough. It is an art, in which every season brings disappointment and frustration to fans across the city. But they always come back with hope, showcasing their love for the city. The World Series victory for the Cubs was overall a great thing for everyone in the city, but it didn’t feel as sweet as it did to the life-long fans that have been on a 108-year roller coaster of despair.

There will be bandwagoning fans, but this championship was for the true Cubs fans. Being at a Cubs game is electric, every time a positive thing happens: a hit, home run, strikeout, double play, etc. A sea of royal blue, cardinal red, and white will jump up and scream in joy. It’s a nice and pleasant way to see a city unite.

After all, baseball is America’s game.

Besides the sports side of things, the city is also known for its delicious, unique food — particularly for its deep dish pizza and hot dogs. The deep dish pizza — a world-famous item — is spread out across the city. This deep dish pizza is something that makes a Chicagoan’s taste buds scream. The Chicago-styled hot dog is another one of the most important foods to a Chicagoan. Its unique toppings make it in popular demand and a perfect Chicago evening dish.

Traditional activities in Chicago vary, but a very popular one is taking a morning jog on Lake Shore Drive. Hundreds of people along the shore go for runs at various times throughout the day to have some fun and take in the beautiful view of both the lake and skyline.

Unfortunately, every good thing has some bad to it. Currently in Chicago, the number of shootings has gone up. According to Fox 32 Chicago, since the year has started, 1,896 people have been shot. Things are hectic in Chicago — so many people are being shot, but many tourists continue to visit, as well. According to Urban City Matters, a Facebook page, it’s odd to see that many people are visiting a city with so much crime.

The crime rate is starting to skyrocket and it is getting uncontrollable for the Chicago Police Department. Illinois is also struggling with maintaining a budget and Chicago is very much affected by that. Overall, the city has its downs but is very beautiful and alive, and taking a visit to Chicago is a must for people across the world. The city of Chicago is slowly advancing into being a great destination for people and with time, things will only get better.