One of the major global issues nowadays which is threatening to us and our environment is global warming. Global warming is the increase of earth’s average atmospheric temperature.

This increase is caused by greenhouse gases being emitted in vast amounts into our planet’s atmosphere because of human activities. The two main greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide and methane.

Did you know that the sea level rises by 1.7 millimeters a year and that slowly our homes are being buried underwater? Did you know that greenhouse gases are emitted even when we are driving as we burn oil? Did you know that recycling a ton of paper saves 17 trees, which absorb carbon dioxide, from being cut down?

Imagine how much better the world we live in would be if we drove electric cars, rode bicycles or walked small distances, recycled paper and planted more trees! Earth would have no pollution and we would have much healthier, thus happier, lives. To create a better world we believe that every person who can, should change their lifestyle to prevent global warming from aggravating.

The world should alter their daily lives to stop global warming because environmental and threatening issues are created when people are oblivious. To start off, people need a sustainable environment to survive. In the Washington Post, it says: “Sea-level rise is inevitable; the best we could do is slow it by a few years.”

Sea-levels are rising in places such as Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. The New York Times states “seabirds that spend the majority of their lives at sea and rarely venture to the shore, traverse various regions and climates, are affected by extreme weather patterns.”

Many animals have been starving and negatively affected because of climate change. Furthermore, global warming can cause harsh weather conditions that can be catastrophic for the human race. The National Geographic Channel claims that  “by the 2060s…250 million people could be experiencing 33°C at least once a year.”

High temperatures can cause conditions that can be lethal, so people must change their routines to avert global warming. Hence, you might be thinking: how can we help solve these problems? It’s simple; there are four easy steps to success.

Firstly, people can switch to a plant-based diet because this way the emission of greenhouse gasses will be reduced. Secondly meat production produces about the same amount of greenhouse gases as power plants. Thirdly, wasting less food is better than composting what is wasted. As stated by the New York Times, “40 percent of all food is lost, according to the Natural Resources Defence Council.”

Taking small portions of food instead of full portions is profitable. Furthermore, according to the New York Times, “If most light bulbs were switched to LEDs, we could save about 10 times as much energy as if 90 percent of all roofs were either green or cool.” Buying a LED light and switching it with the typical light bulb is going to benefit the environment.

Last but not least, purchasing an electric vehicle is much more environmental than carpooling. So to prevent any environmental issues people ought to change their lifestyles. We might be living in a bubble for the time being, yet we only have one world, so let’s start with action, let’s start changing our lifestyles!

We should work as hard as we can to try and save our planet and prevent global warming. It damages many plants, animals, and in general, life itself. Some people may not think it is a crisis that should be solved but they are wrong, as it can change the next generation. The simplest things we do can affect the world in many ways. Even with taking a small portion of food instead of a full piece can make this place so much better and healthier. We have one planet, high population, and countless questions. We can make a difference; a little goes a long way.