Almost everyone can relate to the interminable wait in the lines at Elm Street Dining Hall. Every day, students rush to eat after their classes, which tends to be the busiest time. After strenuous sports students are eager to refuel at dinner.

The lines for breakfast aren’t very long because students come in at more spread out intervals. Yet, the same thing cannot be said about the lines during lunch and dinner.

When lunch starts there is a minimal number of people. Some students wear a look of drowsiness on their face due to just finishing their classes.

The wait in the lines aren’t very long, and when students finish C Format at 12:00 p.m. and don’t have D Format the lines are a little longer, but there are still plenty of open seats available.

At lunch, it becomes congested at 1 p.m. because students who have D Format are getting out of class, and it’s the last hour the dining hall is open.

Students dressed in athletic clothes, eating before they attend their sport, permeate the cafeteria. The line tends to stretch until it reaches the dish drop off area. It is often hard to find seats if students plan on sitting as a group of four or more.

Students had many unhappy comments about the wait in the lunch lines. “It’s annoying and unnecessarily long,” said Noor Malik.

“I think it’s outrageous,” said Jacinda Duesbury, “I get tired and I get hungry you know.”

Marvin Dominguez had a similar opinion: “It’s ridiculous, it’s way too long; I could compare it to an amusement park, they should have a quicker way to get food.”

One student had a suggestion for a solution to the issue. “I think it would be more efficient if they serve in more than two lines,” said Tory Wooten.

During dinner, the busiest time is 6 p.m., and it’s hard to find seats then. “It’s extremely annoying and frustrating,” said Baaba Bentsi-Enchill.

The dining hall serves a variety of food that some students enjoy, which is why the lines are so long. Students are so eager to eat, that they cannot stand the wait. “It’s sometimes way too long,” said Rene Chen.

One of the managers of Elm Street Dining Hall, Heidi Brousseau, spoke about the best time to come for a meal. “It depends on your class schedule,” she said. She also mentioned that it’s not very crowded during the early hours.