As Exeter Summer School comes to a close, Exonians begin to wonder about life afterwards. What will they do once they no longer have to attend classes at 8:30 or check in at 9 p.m.?

“What will I do after camp? That’s tough” said Chloe Lozan, who lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, “Well… I’m going to sleep and then I will probably spend time with my family and friends. Even though I am loving Exeter, I miss my friends back home and am happy to spend time with them again.”

Just like Chloe, many people are planning on spending time with their family and friends once they say goodbye to Exeter. Chloe Fabbricatore and Izzie Kim both told PEA Summer news that they miss their loved ones and are eager to spend the rest of the summer with them.

However, not all Exonians are going back home once Summer School ends. In fact, most of the International students are either staying in the United States for an extra period of time or traveling to different places.

“I am traveling to Asia,” said Andres Avila, who leaves in Venezuela, “I’m going to China! The fact that I got to meet people from Asia and am now going there is super nice. I will probably have double the fun.”

“I’m spending more time in the U.S.,” said Kirti Lamba, “I’m traveling to Houston with my aunt and we are going shopping!”

“I’m going to Miami, with my cousin Jose,” said Isabella Perez, “We are going to meet up with a bunch of people from Exeter since many of my friends are going there too.”

Other students such as Daniela Sananez, who is originally from Venezuela, will spend the rest of their summer moving to a different country. “I’m moving to Boston!” said Dani. “My sister already leaves there, and my parents decided it’s a good time to join her.”

Additionally, Brazilian students like Carolina Laport and Catarina Melo are heading straight back to school. “My school starts August fourth,” said Carolina Laport. “It’s so bad because I didn’t even have a proper vacation from studying. I am going from Exeter to school!”

Casey Ocasal is torn. “This is the first time I think about summer after Exeter,” she said. “I hadn’t realized yet how close to the end we were. Even though I want to go back home I don’t want to leave this place!”