The Summer Times staff would like to acknowledge Jorge Luciani, Daniela Sananez and Melanie Cabrera for their acts of courage and support to full liberty in Venezuela.

Reacting to recent events in that country, on campus, on Friday July 29th a group of gifted students spread the word about trouble-filled Venezuela, focusing on the social, political and economical situation currently occurring.

In this documentary, titled “Our Story – Venezuela’s Secret & 21st Century Socialism“ created by so called Lui Fenty on April 19th 2014; following the immense protests and unfair police behavior, Fenty felt it necessary to make this video for the world to understand Venezuela’s situation and act on it. Venezuela has been in trouble for over 17 years, and every day this keeps getting worse and worse; this needs to be addressed; a remedy is much needed.

What was shown truly impressed these interested, curious students. You could physically see their inner emotions. Tears were shed in response to the graphic videos and images, and most felt sorry for the current disorder Venezuela is going through –what Venezuelans never thought would happen. People were indeed touched. We hope  that those who attended the Forum on that day will help spread the word, something that Venezuela has needed for quite a while now.