In June 2004, 27-year-old Captain Humayun Khan, the best of America according to Hillary Clinton, was serving in Iraq. One day when his infantry unit was guarding the gates of his unit, a suspicious vehicle appeared. Captain Khan told his unit to “hit the dirt” while he went towards the car. He took ten steps towards the car before it exploded. None of the soldiers was injured, but Captain Khan died. He, a Muslim, sacrificed his life to save his unit. He was awarded with the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

How can Donald Trump say that all Muslims are terrorists? If Captain Khan wasn’t there to sacrifice his life, many lives would have been lost. Donald Trump did not even offer any sympathy to the family that lost their loved one, instead he made rude comments to Captain Khan’s mother, Ghazala Khan.

He said, “His wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say.” A mother’s love is the strongest for her child and mothers get the most emotional at such grievous incidents; just because she did not speak it does not mean that she was not allowed to. If she cannot see her son’s pictures or his things, how can she possibly speak about him? America allows freedom of speech, and this is written in the Constitution of United States of America.

Donald Trump states that he is going to build a wall and ban minorities such as Muslims and is going to make America great again. If people like former Captain Khan are banned from entering the country, how will lives be saved, how will the country become great? Just because a terrorist group like ISIS says that they are Muslims, doesn’t mean that all Muslims are part of that group.

Ghazala Khan says that she cannot even walk in room full of her beloved son’s pictures and also says that she could not even clean her son’s closet, after his death. So now, can you imagine the great sorrow she felt for her son’s death? It was very rude of Trump to say that Mrs. Khan was not allowed to speak. This man is going to make America a better place by banning one of the most patriotic people of America.

Even though Captain Khan was an immigrant, he still served the country. Khizer Khan, father of Former Captain Khan, tells Donald Trump to go to Arlington Cemetery and to look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending United States of America where he will find all faiths, genders and ethnicities.

In my opinion, these people make up the best of America and it is they who make this country great. The Khan family has sacrificed a lot for this country and it is they whom Trump will ban from coming to America. When Trump was asked what he had sacrificed, he answered with the social work he did and the projects he completed, THOSE ARE NOT SACRIFICES!

How can Americans trust this man with their country’s future? Trump should have at least offered a little sympathy to the Khan Family who have lost a lot,  and show a little humanity in himself. I strongly support this family and I fully agree with them, not just because we are from the same country or religion but also because I have humanity in myself.