“Why did I choose Exeter Summer School?” said Chloe Lozan, “My teacher from home, Mr. Moss, teaches here in the summer and he speaks highly of the program and I wanted to learn more about it. I also know a few people who have come here before and they have all told me that Exeter made learning more fun. The way they learn improved their school experience. It changed the way they do work.”

Students count on their teachers’s help and advice in order to learn new things. Teachers are what makes the learning experience in Phillips Exeter different from other schools. They are the reason why students wish to be called Exonians.

As Exeter Summer school comes to an end teachers strive to share all the advice possible. They share advice that have helped them in the past, hoping it will help students succeed in the future.

Here is some advice from several of Exeter’s finest:

“Find your passion and dedicate yourself to that field.”

         -Matthew Boller

“Make good friends – quality over quantity.

         -Michaela Boller

Work hard, focus on your goals, and get a decent amount of sleep.

             -Sheryl Dion

Stay curious and never stop asking questions.”

-Chris Jones

Be true to who you are. An exciting part of life is getting to know who you are as a person and once you find out don’t be afraid to share it with others.”

               -Alexandra Wurglis

“Maybe you can change it, don’t assume things have to be the same.”

-Chris Jones