If you are addicted to coffee you will understand this article about coffee appreciation. Coffee some days is my only motivation to get out of bed and start the day or get ready and get out in order to buy a well-brewed cup of coffee.

Coffee is a big helper in our daily lives, it is the “pusher” of our bodies and brains to study, to work or generally to do chores. Coffee is the reason that people meet each other, as the saying goes: “Let’s go grab a cup of coffee sometime.”

Think of all the times when you just needed a “kicker” or a boost and coffee was there for you without being cruel to you by tasting and smelling bad; when properly prepared, coffee is one of the best scents and the best tastes in the world.

People have favorite types of coffee, and trust me, you know you are an addict when you know what to order at certain coffee shops or drink it in its most plain form, or walk into a coffee shop and the employees there know your order. (By the way, isn’t that the best feeling in the world, walking into a shop and the people there knowing you and your order?)

Exams are where I consume the most coffee, and that amount is large, like 2-4 cups of straight black coffee or latte. When in that stressful time, guess who is my best friend? COFFEE!!!

I know I am addicted, but it is not my fault (partially); high school requires coffee, they just go hand in hand and no one can avoid it. For the people who do not like coffee or do not need it, I do not understand you.

So whoever wants to buy me a cup of coffee at my favorite coffeehouse here in Exeter—D2 Java—I am open to invites. And remember: “Behind every successful person there is a substantial amount of coffee.”

Remember: “Coffee is always a good idea.”