Dear Exeter,

Most people like to sugar coat things and hide how they actually feel. I am not one of those people. I will tell you, Exeter, exactly how I feel.

I will not miss the late nights typing up my articles for The Summer Times while wishing I had done them earlier. However, instead, I decided that I would spend my days chatting it up with friends. I will not miss the bugs. I will not miss running all the way to my dorm on a Saturday night at 10:50 p.m. praying to the mighty heavens above I wouldn’t receive an 8. I definitely will not miss the stupid, complicated, frustrating  combination locks in the post office.

I will not miss those “Harkness Warriors” who stole every single point I wanted to make in class. I will not miss the crush I had who I am pretty sure kissed multiple girls here on campus. Most of all, though, I will not miss that feeling I once had on my first day on campus. The feeling that I was totally alone and how I realized it was really up to me to make this a worthy experience.

I am proud to say this experience was a worthy one. For everything, I won’t miss at Exeter there is something I will miss. To start off I will miss my “Summer In Love” teacher Mr. Gough who almost always made a reference to  love songs every day in class. I will miss Mr. Courchesne my teacher from “Great Books Great Reading” who I learned that it was okay to be creative when other people tell you not to be. I will miss Mr. Blumenthal, my Journalism teacher, and the fiery attitude he got every time we did not check the news in the morning. I will miss every single person who ever smiled at me, greeted me or even complimented me.

You probably will never realize how much you impacted me as a person but you did and I could not thank you enough. I will miss the advisors in my dorms who always asked how I was feeling. I will miss sitting outside at night battling with mosquitoes while at the same time laughing because despite having bugs attacking my face I was really enjoying myself.

I will most of all miss the friends I made here. They showed me I have social skills I never thought I had. They supplied me with confidence, made me feel better when I was down and had my back with every emotion I was going through while being here. Before I came to Exeter I never thought I would have friends from all over the world. But I do and it feels amazing. So I want to thank you Exeter for giving me the experience I may never have anywhere else. For giving me true friends I know will last beyond this campus.

Yours truly,

Uniqua Jones