Last Thursday and Friday night many Exonians enjoyed attending the series of One-Act Plays put on by the drama department of Exeter (giving Access Exeter students a chance to stay out after check-in which I am sure they all enjoyed thoroughly.)

I’m sure everyone who saw the one-acts would agree that they definitely got the audience laughing. The actors all did a very good job of really getting into their roles and making the whole audience feel like they are a part of the play.  The monologues did the same — they made everyone feel some type of emotion: either sadness, fear, anger, joy, or something else.

The first play,“He’s Really a Great Guy” starring Mimi Boateng, Mia Pineda, Leo Orth, and Anwar Alsaleh, was full of  unexpected excitement.  The actors were all very charismatic on stage and definitely made the entire audience laugh in disbelief as Dan (Anwar Alsaleh) had his “episodes” of satanic possession.

The next one-act play, “Nothing” starring Claudia Mak, Brigid Auclair, Thomas Cintra, Gabriel Txai Folly, Ashley Grullon, Kaprice Brathwaite, and Maya Shrestha, was also a joy to watch.  The slow beginning was then followed by a shocking turn of events when aliens invaded the school.  Overall this play was a shocking and hysterical take on a boy’s day at school and it was definitely well done.

The next play, “The Spot,” was an ironic political satire about elections and polotics staring Chris Chang, Olivia Dopp, Dylan Loll, Linda Wu, and Vasileia Louzi.  This one-act was very interesting because of how the students related it to the current presidential election.  Students who had any idea about the politics of this election would have certainly found this play highly interesting.

Then there was the play “Misfortune,” starring Leiana Smith, Justus Press, Xenia Katsika, and Syl Gibson.  It is about a couple receiving unfortunate news through a fortune cookie at dinner.  This play kept the whole audience on the edge of their seats wondering what was going to happen to Barry (Justus Press) before the end of dinner.  This play definitely showed great irony and taught us that sometimes the fortune cookie does lie.

“Credit Check,” starring Emir Senturk, Vicky Von Shmettow, Kisha Rodgers, and Ashley Thomas, was not only an ironic and funny play, but it also taught us a lesson: sometimes people make each other better, and not everyone is as good on their own as they are with their significant other.  This showed us that we should not take love for granted and that we should recognize what we have in life.

The night finished off with the last one-act, “You’re Invited,” starring Tudor Pitic, Julian Manresa, Maya Shrestha, Ashley Thomas, and Emma Jones.  This play was definitely a fan favorite from the funny language and jokes, to the giant food fight to close out the show.  It also focused on the issue of entitlement in society and showed us that in the end, we all should be able to find something we have in common and get along.

Overall I think the night of one act plays was very well done and it really accomplished its purpose. The drama department should be very proud of itself and the whole student body should really congratulate them on this huge success.  As far as I was aware, there were no complications in the plays and everything went very smoothly and professionally.  

All of the concepts of the plays were relevant to society today and were very interesting to the age range of the people watching.  As well as all of the actors in the play, the teachers in charge and the tech crew also did an amazing job on all of these plays and monologues.   The transitions were smooth and everyone in the audience remained interested in the show throughout the entire hour and a half of play time.