MAIN STREET — On Tuesday night, Main Street dorm experienced yet another theft as $70 was stolen from the wallet of Upper School Student Thiago Roque. However, unlike past thefts, the suspect list could be narrowed to twelve people.

The latest theft brings the number of victims to six and the total stolen to $1,180.

At around 9:15, students gathered around Thiago’s dorm to socialize. After the bulk had gone back to their dorms, a student found Roque’s wallet on the floor at the end of his hallway. After returning the wallet, Roque noticed $70 missing.

Roque immediately told the dorm advisor and determined that the culprit must have been around his room recently. Shortly after, a list was made of twelve people who were around the dorm at the time of the theft.

Within the hour, campus safety and the dean-on-duty, Jeff Ward, arrived and gathered the twelve  in the common room.

“Someone in this room stole the money,” said Ward. “This is sad and pathetic.”

The dean demanded that the culprit turn himself in the next morning and said everyone in the dorm could be banned from returning to Exeter if no one spoke up.

No one turned themselves in the next morning. “I thought these people were my friends,” said Thiago. “But I guess I can’t trust everyone anymore.”

This is the latest instance of theft in Main Street this summer, with four other incidents, totaling $1,115 stolen, occurring over the past few weeks.

Dean Ward said that this was the first time in 12 years that he has had an ongoing problem with a dorm.

Main Street students are now on guard, making sure to lock their dorms and keeping an eye on one another.

“There’s a lot of speculation about who the thief is,” said Carlos Fernandez, a Main Street resident. But while students talked about what action they could take on their own, it was being left to the deans.

Campus Safety is working to identify the person(s) responsible for the theft, but as of now no one has been charged.