Here we are: the end of summer school. Tomorrow, we will all be heading back home. We will look back at what were probably the fastest five weeks of our lives and forever treasure our unforgettable experiences at PEA.

Most of us are expecting a post-Exeter depression. Linda Wu, 15, is from Hong Kong: “I’m not very happy to go home. I really like school and the people here,” she said, “sorry Hong Kong, but I prefer America!”

For Renata Liu who comes all the way from Mainland China, “leaving is so sad. I’m not really homesick!” she said.

For others, leaving will not be as heartbreaking.Violet Goldstone, 13, is from New York and Los Angeles: “I’m both sad and happy to leave because I’m doing something exciting after this,” she said.

Originally from Osaka, Japan but living in Tokyo, Sabrina Matsui is an Access Exeter Student as well: “I’m sad about leaving the people and the campus here, but I’m less sad about leaving the food!” she admitted.

Rohan Kumar lives in Singapore. “I liked summer school a lot, and I do feel sad leaving,” he said, “but there’s a huge contrast between that and what I’ll do when I get home: see my friends and family, which I am really looking forward to.” His friend Zachary Greenspan, a boarding student from Portsmouth, NH, added: “five weeks is a lot.”

For Johanna Martinez, it’s slightly different. Before attending summer school, she got into Exeter for the regular session. “I’m not that sad to be leaving here because I’m coming back in September,” she said.

When asked if they would cry on the last day, students had different answers. Linda and Renate were 100 percent sure that they would, while Johanna said she always tries not to but ends up crying. However, Rohan and Zachary said they are “dead inside” and will definitely not cry.

At Exeter Summer, students have created life-long friendships that they certainly want to maintain. Underlining the fact that she and her friends live on opposite sides of the world, Renata said: “I’m not sure whether me and my friends can reunite, but if we have the chance to we will.” Furthering that point, Johanna said: “It’s hard to say goodbye to people who live so far away.”

Violet and Sabrina have it all planned out: “I’m thinking about applying to Exeter for the regular session next year and so are some of my summer friends. So I might get to see them again!” said Violet.

After all of our wonderful memories here, we will surely keep in touch with all of our Exonian friends, whether it is through Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook.