Google has been working on a self driving car for the past two years. Google’s self-driving cars process map and sensor information at the same time to navigate itself. The map sensors work like a GPS system, as it figures out where you are from satellites and leads you to your destination. The sensors detect moving objects such as cars or trucks, as well as pedestrians and cyclists. With that information combined, the car can tell what street it’s on and when it needs to turn and can sense stop lights. The car can predict when other vehicles will move to a different lane or if a pedestrian or cyclist will cross the street.

Self-driving cars seem very attractive and advanced, and we totally understand why people would be interested in getting them, because after all these cars take you where ever you want to go without your having to drive or pay someone else to do it for you.

However self-driving cars don’t really look like a great idea to us. We understand that these cars would be electric and they wouldn’t use gasoline so this would minimize the contamination that cars produce. We also understand that computers will not be “distracted” like humans so there will be fewer accidents, but when these accidents do happen who would take the blame?

We don’t trust that these cars will work on extreme weather conditions like in a hurricane, a blizzard or many other weather conditions. Even a rainy day can ruin the lasers on the top of the car, causing malfunction.

One of the most important reasons why we don’t support the idea of self-driving cars is because this would take away the skill of driving that humans have, which we consider to be very important.

We know that Google is going to do a great job in the manufacture of these cars, but we just think that even though they are a great idea they could trigger many accidents and cause many issues for people who use them or become victims of people using them. We think humans should stick with the idea of driving their own cars.