On Friday, June 24, the British Pound’s value plunged to a thirty year low, and tens of thousands of people were wondering of they would have a job to go to that morning. This is the reality of the Brexit, Britain deciding to exit the European Union (partnership involving 28 European countries encouraging peace.)

The vote was 52% to 48% in favor of leaving the EU, the BBC reported. More than 30 million people voted. Of these people, 75% of people aged 18-24 voted to remain in the EU, according g to NBC News.

According to the Boston Globe, the older generations of Britain showed up in substantially larger numbers than millennials, who are angered, even though a very small percentage of 13 million millennials in the country bothered to vote.

The Brexit was a monumentally stupid decision because the value of the pound has plunged substantially, many citizens now are at risk of losing their jobs, and places such as Cornwall, which relied on 2.5 billion Euros of EU funding a year are most likely going to go into severe debt.

Citizens are at risk of losing their jobs if they work in companies that are not originally British companies. The Brexit vote is going to turn Britain into a sovereign nation, which will make it a lot harder for people with jobs in international companies to work, which will result in many people losing their jobs, which will result in poverty.

Additionally, the pound has fallen to a 30-year low, making it harder for citizens to buy daily necessities and pay their bills.

Overall Britain’s decision to leave the EU was unwise and not well thought out, leaving the young generations of Britain worrying about the countries their children will grow up in. It also has proven to Britain’s millennials how important their votes really are. We hope Britain’s economy will regain its stability shortly and are waiting to see where this foolish decision will lead to next.