Every Tuesday and Thursday, an oasis emerges in the heart of Exeter. From 7:30-8:55 the magnificent wood doors of Philip’s Church are open to all. A place free from judgment, intolerance and discord, the church holds weekly “Evening Prayer” sessions.

This sessions long predate the chaos that has occurred recently around the world. The building offers a safe place for students to speak their minds on the issues that are currently happening in their own countries and in the world. Starting with the Access Exeter students at 7:30, the sessions offer heartwarming opportunities for all those present.

The church is a non-denominational place of worship which welcomes people of various faiths.

Inside, the windows are meticulously decorated with stained glass mosaics that look down as students let out their hopes and fears in front of a welcoming and understanding audience.In the basement of the church there is an area for students to meet and discuss anything and everything outside of the allotted Evening Prayer time.

The church also holds other religious events such as Buddhist Meditation at 7 p.m. on Tuesday’s, and Shabbat for Jewish members of the community on Fridays at 6 p.m. There is also a kitchen available for any religious meal preparations and a kosher kitchen for those interested.

The Church is located on the corner of Front Street and Tan Lane and welcomes all to visit and enjoy the spirituality of the location regardless of what God or ideology you follow.