The idea of the Exeter upper school dance sounds like big fun! Well, depending on whom you talk to, the dance was simply average.

When asked what he didn’t like about the dance, Ali Altan replied, “There’s no drinks! Not even fizzy ones!” Asked what he would change, Ali simply said “DRINKS!!”

To the same question of what didn’t she like about the dance, Renata Lin said “too crowded,” which seemed to be a common thought among people when asked, even on Monday, two days after the dance.

However, the dance wasn’t all about overcrowded rooms and mild dehydration. Renata also said that she liked the atmosphere of the dance. Grace Naughton said “that I have more friends here than I do at my school.” Ali conceded: “I like the music choice.”

 Along with people both enjoying and dissing the dance, there was also a wide variety of clothing. Girls were wearing anything ranging from sweatpants, sneakers, and a jacket, to sparkly dresses and high heels. Guys wore clothing anywhere between cargo shorts and a t shirt to full on suits. It was an amazing experience to see so many students in such a wide variety of outfits.

Preparation  time varied. For example, it took Grace about 15 minutes to get ready for the dance, whereas it took Renata about half an hour.

As for the music choice, most of it was pop music from late 2015-2016, but just in case you didn’t stick around to the end and haven’t heard it from your friends, the last song they played was the Pokemon theme song!

Grace  said, when asked what she didn’t like, “I don’t know most of the music.” And she said she would change the request system. “Like maybe have the requests beforehand.” That way, everybody has a chance to know exactly what’s playing!

As for what makes a good dance, in the opinions of the students, it’s a large room, loud music with a good beat, everybody there participating, places to sit, refreshments, a wide variety of music, and dances that everybody knows.

Unfortunately, the dance wasn’t the big party of the night. About halfway through the dance, many of the students moved over to the Grill. There was music and talking and the number of people inside the actual dance greatly decreased, but the room was still stiflingly hot and crowded. Even though there were many students both at the Grill and and at the dance, there were still many people who were out of town for the night or who just didn’t want to go to the dance.

No matter what anybody said about this dance, there’s another on August 4th! Hopefully the room will be larger and there will be refreshments! It will be a great goodbye to all the wonderful friends you have made this summer!