Exeter has an undercover musical artist. You can find him in the dining hall washing dishes.

His name is Ian Ellis.He is a spiritual dancer, an aspiring chef as well as a former businessman for landscaping.

Mr. Ellis was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and has been dedicated to music since he was 7 years old. When performing music Mr.Ellis says he feels satisfaction.

“My music is about reality,” he says, “…poor people,freedom, and other suffering people to help them get through it.”

Singing and rapping is a form of expressing himself. “The mic is the only way I feel free,” Mr. Ellis says.

Working in the dining hall was not Mr. Ellis’s first choice. However, he explains by working here it has helped him improve his social skills. It also made him realize that in the future he  may want to be a chef and have his own restaurant.

Despite this though he still wants to continue his music career. When he performs he usually takes a break from the dining hall — that way he can manage both jobs.  His goal is to go on tour and save up for his own band because now he is getting much more attention in countries like France and England which are calling him to perform. He gets an estimated 30 gigs a year.

His family back home in Jamaica is a huge support system for him; his brother who lives here in America even writes some of his music.

Mr. Ellis looks up to Bob Marley ,Tupac, and Sizzla for their musical style. He plans to perform at Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts as well as at a reggae festival in Maine.

   Ian Ellis is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t limit himself.  When he wants something done, he is not afraid to work to achieve it. Do not be afraid to make your dreams into a reality.