In Dallas, Texas, five officers were killed by a gunman due to the recent killings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Minnesota.  ABC News was able to talk to Rev. Jeff Hood about how that the rally was supposed to go. Rev. Hood said that the rally was supposed to just be a space where people could come out and grieve and  let out anger. That they were there to address a problem that is not being solved. Police are just getting away with murder because the law protects them.

On July 5, 2016 Alton Sterling was murdered by the police because he was accused of pulling out a gun. An officer screamed that “He’s got a gun! Gun!” That information was false — he didn’t have a gun on  him and the officers had him pinned to the ground. There was no way for him to pull out a gun while being pinned down, according to MSNBC.

The next day Philando Castile was also murdered by police.  Castile was pulled over by a police car for a broken tail light. In the car with him was his girlfriend and his four-year-old daughter.  They killed a man while his four-year-old daughter was in the car and all he was about to do is show them his gun license, according to CNN.

What if those bullets had hit the little girl, with her death on the police?

These so-called “incidents” have been happening for some time now. In 2014 Jason Harrison who was mentally ill was murdered by police in front of his own home. John Crawford 3d was killed by the police for carrying a BB gun. These officers always get away with it because they are never indicted.

How many more have to die to show  that things aren’t right in the world and  need to change?  People of color are suffering while police relax at home because they have no worries. The police have angered a lot of people around the world and people are finally doing something about it.

Now the attack on the police wasn’t the right way of handling things but it should have been obvious that this was going to happen sooner or later. This has been an ongoing problem that hasn’t been fixed and people are tired of seeing their people dropping like flies. They feel like they need to get back by sending a message. That’s why white officers are being targeted because they are the ones that are mostly killing people of color.

As a whole we need to consider new approaches because killing doesn’t make anything better. It’s like we are doing the same to them and we don’t want people think we’re murderers like them. Fighting fire with fire isn’t going to solve anything.

Not all white people have problems with people of color.  There are police that do help and don’t act  against them. People shouldn’t be going around to kill every police officer they see. But this is the government’s fault for not doing its duty by protecting the people as promised.

This probably won’t be the last attack because they really took innocent lives away. The people are not just going to let that slide. They are coming for blood because they are not given the rights that they were supposed to be given.