Maya E. Shrestha, Summer School boarding student from Minnesota has an ambitious goal for the summer — to meet at least one person from each country and each state that are being represented here.


So what pushed her into doing this? Michaela Boller, an advisor from Dunbar Hall—her dormitory— inspired the idea of “country bingo” so instead of just checking people off a list and saying she met them just to forget them a few hours later, Maya decided to make it more personal by taking pictures with them.

She is doing it to meet people and become friends with them, but to make memories as well.

Since she is in Dunbar, one of the biggest dormitories on campus, she started taking most of her pictures with her dorm mates although she says she really wants to branch out more and take pictures with more students from all dormitories.

So far she has 12 of 42 states, besides her state since she is the only one from there, and 12 of 47 counties. So, 31 states and 35 countries to go! Can’t wait till the end of the summer session to ask her if she managed to meet, well…everyone.