Diversity is shown in many different forms, one of them being fashion.  Cultural fashion can show a lot about a group of people and can have a great impact on others.  In Greece there is a traditional outfit  called Tsolias worn by men on special occasions. It was originally worn in the wars and is now used as a traditional outfit for events, parades, and other special occasions.  It is a tan dress with slippers with pom poms on the toe.  Exeter students Antigone and Stelina say that it is a great and unique tradition in their country.   

Other students from Saudi Arabia shared their traditions of wearing the Abaya and Hijab for women and the Thobe for men. The students  say that their normal dress is very modest in their everyday life.  

The Abaya and Hijab are worn specifically when people go out and they are normally black but can also be colored.  Thobes are long white dresses worn by men for only special occasions and when going out.  They are very modest and students say that they like wearing these cultural outfits because it doesn’t only set them apart, but gives them an air of “mystery” to all the people they come across. (This information was gathered by Exeter students Mohamed Aljishi, Jolnar Alzayer, Samar Mannai, Nouha Mannai, Dana Kutbi.)

Overall, Exeter students from many different countries have so many different cultural backgrounds and with those backgrounds comes many different and unique clothing choices.  It is a very interesting experience to get to learn the background of so many cultures and their clothing through talking to so many Exeter students. This shows how all countries have specific traditions that they take pride in. Although it is clear that these countries are so different in so many ways, all of them have similar traditional wear and special things they all do in both their everyday life and in their special events.  

In America we do not have as much general cultural fashion besides the evident theme of red, white and blue.  This contrasts with some other countries, such as the ones referenced above, that have so many strong cultural fashions that are wholly participated in.  Americans have a few traditions that are similar but not as widespread as these that are practiced in other countries and cultures.  America has so many people from different cultures that the cultural practices from other countries are often carried over in to our daily lives.  But to Americans it is fascinating to witness these traditions that are so widely spread in other countries and Exeter summer school is a great place to have a chance to experience all of these amazing traditions of people from other countries or cultures.