If I say I am a Pakistani, you will most probably think I am a terrorist. Nowadays, the word “Pakistani” means “terrorist”, but today I will completely change the meaning of being a Pakistani.

My country is a normal country, just like yours, we are normal people and we live a normal life, just like you. “Pak” is a Persian word, which means pure and “istan” is a Hindi word which means place, so then how can Pakistan mean, “Land of Terrorists?”

The people of Pakistan are one of the most accomplished in the whole world. An associate professor at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences,  Dr Umar Saif, was declared one of the top 35 innovators of the world by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mir Zafar Ali is an Oscar winning movie visual effects curator. He gave life to characters such as “Venom” in “Spider Man 3” and many other Hollywood  movies such as “X-Men” and “The Mummy.” He won an Oscar in 2007, for the best visual effects in “The Golden Compass.”

Abdul Sattar Edhi, who recently passed away (may he rest in peace), was a prominent  Pakistani  philanthropist who founded the Edhi Foundation  in Pakistan. He was known as the “Angel of  Mercy.” The Huffington Post said that he might be the world’s greatest humanitarian.  People think Pakistan is a poor and uneducated country but it gets most of the Cambridge International Examinations distinctions. Pakistan has one of the best army and special forces, ISI, in the whole world.

Nowadays, “Taliban” is considered a very scary word. In 1979, The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and wanted to rebuild its declining economy. At the same time The Soviet Union was engaged in the Cold War with the USA. Invading Afghanistan meant more power and strength for the Soviets, so an army called the “Mujahedeen” was created and was supported by many countries, including the USA.

The USA provided $3 billion to build this Islamic group, by providing ammunition and also by providing it with logistical and military advice. After the war with the Soviet Union, the USA forgot about the ammunition it provided the Mujahedeen, so Pakistan had to deal with them. After numerous attacks in USA like 9/11, the USA realized the seeds it had sown.

People think that Pakistan is a war zone, but they are wrong. Pakistan has one of the best schools.  Aitchison College Lahore is a very old and prestigious school. Aitchisonians travel the world to attend competitive Model United Nations, and they win prizes.

The Northern areas of Pakistan have a very high rate of tourism, and Lahore is known for its amazing food and historical places.

So, I would like to change the impression everyone has about Pakistanis. Many Pakistanis are afraid to call themselves Pakistanis, because they think that everyone will think that they are terrorists. I want all Pakistanis to be proudly tell the world who they really are. We are proud to be Pakistanis.