Phillips Exeter Academy Summer School is a world renowned academic program, which many wish to attend. However, what happens if a student qualifies academically and can not afford tuition? With the help of the Hamm Leadership program, Exeter is able to offer scholarship aid. Phillips Exeter believes that the amount of money your family earns should not stand in the way of a better education.

The Hamm Leadership program helps students develop a project that addresses a community need and later puts into practice some of the skills taught in class. According to Tanya Judd-Pucella, the program’s coordinator, “This is the seventh year that one of the groups has set to raise some money to provide financial aid to a student in a future summer school class.” She describes it as a way to give back.

Each year students come up with a different way to raise the funds needed. Jolnar Alzer, one of the group members, said that “this year the funds are being raised through dorm competitions and advertising.”

Abdullah Bougary later explained that the winner is not chosen based on the amount of money the dorm raises, but the percentage of participants. Additionally, “The winner gets a SICK PIZZA PARTY!” he said.

Athena Rodriguez, another member, added that they have been “spreading the word through conversations, posters and formal announcements, such as the one made in the last Assembly, on July 25.”

“We will also be talking about the scholarship fund-raiser during evening prayer,” said Drew Schlingmann.

Added Abdullah Bougary: “Make sure to stop by. We will be discussing the importance of the scholarship fund.”

Last year they were able to raise enough money to pay for one student’s entire tuition and still have some money left. When asked about this year’s goal, Jolnar  said that “the important thing isn’t to beat last year’s amount but to raise the greatest amount of funds possible.”

Ariza Subowo later added that “as long as we help a student come to Exeter Summer School we have accomplished our mission.”

Drew further reminded students that “the amount of money donated really depends on the population here and how they feel.”

“So remember to donate!” said Athena Rodriguez.

Donations must be given in the student activities office, where both cash and Lion Cards are accepted. Abdullah  explained that all you need to do is tell one of the Deans the amount of money you would like to donate. “It is quick and easy!” added Drew.

Both the Hamm Leadership Program and The Summer Times would like to stress the importance of such donations.  As the Leadership program emphasized: Exeter “remains an engine of opportunity for able students from all backgrounds, regardless of their financial means.”