“This is the worst dorm ever in Exeter!” complained Ervin Williams in Kirtland House. In contrast, Patrick Zhu, who lives in the Main Street Dorm, said: “This dorm is pretty good!”

That’s how two students started off life at Exeter.

“ Well, the dorm life is fantastic, but the house itself needs to be improved.” Ervin continued. He said that he has a great roommate, who is also around him so that he won’t feel lonely at any time. As for funny stories in the first week, Ervin said: “ One morning, I went to the bathroom. When I went in, I was shocked about what I had seen. The toilet was blocked up and the water flowed all over the ground. It’s so terrible.”

He said that there is only one shower in the ground floor, which is pretty inconvenient.

That’s not all. “The TV is really bad,” Ervin said. “It couldn’t work. My roommates were trying to watch the Euro cup on Wednesday and they found that it was unplugged. They searched for plenty of time but turned out to find no outlet where can plug in the TV. Maybe 20 minutes later, when they finally found the way to plug in the TV and opened the TV full of joy, there was no signal! You can imagine, how disappointed they were at that moment!”(The TV in the Kirtland has been repaired by now.)

Ervin said that of he if he could improve Kirkland House, he would add a table tennis table possibly in the common room. It would enable him to exercise in the dorm and he is good at playing it.

Now Patrick Zhu of Main Street. He spoke highly of this dorm, particularly his advisor.

“The advisor in my dorm is Ms. Scheiber. We usually have dorm meetings at Monday nights. Ms Scheiber is really a friendly and funny [person]. I think that she probably had abundant experiences in her life. She had a broken ankle and I’m not pretty much sure what the reason was. Besides, there is a rather strange habit of hers— she hates sunlight. Whenever there is sunlight shine into her room, she will have someone stand beside her to block the sunlight.”

But as we all know, no perfect dorm exists in the world. Though Patrick  likes his dorm very much, he still thinks there is too little light in his room. If you look at Main Street Dorm carefully, you’ll find that the ground floor is below the ground nearby, which is kind of like a basement floor. Thus, there won’t be much sunlight. What’s more, there is no light on the ceiling. Hence, it’s always dark, no matter if it’s daytime or at night.

However, though everyone may have some complaints about their dorms, he/she still enjoys the life with roommates. As Ervin Williams and Patrick Zhu both agreed, they really enjoyed life with their roommates in the dorm.

So if you’re having trouble adjusting to the life here, it’s not a problem. Prepare for the next week, and I’m sure you’ll make friends with your roommates and enjoy the life here!