From the outside, Fisher Theater may seem like nothing special. Yet what happens on the inside is truly amazing. The building is a breeding ground for space aliens, crazy politicians, and brooding parents.

On the 28th and 29th of July, these fantasies will come to life in a series of plays produced by the Drama department.

The show will consist of six short one-act plays and five monologues, equating to 100 minutes of enthralling entertainment. Each play is a comedy while the monologues will vary in genre.

As part of the package, the group will be performing “You’re Invited” by Darren Canady, a tale of what happens after a toddler’s birthday takes a turn for the worse

Afterwards the theater moves to the classroom where a bit of creativity inspires a kid to tell his mom what “really” happened in school. “Nothing” by Philip Dawkins is sure to appeal to all audiences.

Following “Nothing”, the team will recreate what it’s like to be on-set in the world of political advertising. “The Spot” by Steven Dietz will have a very relevant place in the show especially as it is during the presidential campaign.

At the halfway mark, the show moves to a date gone wrong because the young man is possessed. ““He’s Really a Great Guy” by Rory Leahy” brings out the demons inside.

From Demons to Angels, “Credit Check” by Eddie Zipperer shows the benefits of being a good person and what happens when one dies.

And to wrap the evening up, a tale of “Misfortune” by Mark Harvey Levine will be performed. This play shows how fortune cookies aren’t always sweet.

In total all six plays and ten monologues will give 29 students the opportunity to take a bow and gain invaluable drama experience.

Burke Scarbrough has been director of the  productions for 15 years and looks forward to another great show. He described the plays  as “ridiculous” and “fast paced,” adding “It’s a mix of plays…it keeps things fresh.”

Mr. Scarbrough has tried to change each year’s plays to make them different from last year’s. This year’s output is no exception. And some of these plays may seem unorthodox in their choice of language and content, making them even more hilarious. Each play has its own element which makes it a howler.

Mr. Scarbrough has nothing but praise for his group of students — some take his class, others adopted the stage as a hobby.

“Kids know more and have access to more performances all around them…they have many more ideas than they used to,” Mr. Scarbrough said, laying such advances to the rise of social media and the accessibility that it brings. But he admires the students’  determination and perseverance. He said “they will make it work and rise to the challenge.” And that is the Exeter way.

This summer’s production is sure to be a night of laughs and entertainment. Starting Monday the 25th students can acquire their FREE tickets to any of the shows. Both the Thursday and Friday shows start at 7:00 pm sharp.

So save the date as this is one event you won’t want to miss!