Students at Exeter didn’t take too long find someone who they really connect to here. Summer loving is supposed to be a beautiful thing but in reality it’s not because most people are being unfaithful here. We got some cheaters on this campus and that’s not a good thing.

I’m not giving any names but you know who you are. How can you tell someone you love him or her and only know him or her for three weeks? Then call up your girlfriend or boyfriend and be like, “No you’re the only person I have eyes for.”

I really don’t get that because you have only have two weeks left with each other.  What’s going to happen after that or is there even an after?

Personally, I think summer flings can be the most romantic thing but it also can be heartbreaking. What happens when you fall for someone who was only supposed to be a summer fling? Summer loving around here is so serious.  It’s crazy how fast people get cheated on here and how some don’t even care.  

I mostly know all the juice around here. I can’t tell you everything that goes on around here because then people will be mad at me.  I can say that some of the relationships are really cute. Some people got to be with their crush this summer.  All you can do is be happy for them even though you know some aren’t going to make it.  

How are you going to be with someone if they live in a different country? You’re going to need a lot of faith for that to work out. I wonder if people planned to have summer flings at Exeter? People are also going against their own religion to have relationships. That their parents will never know about because the relationship only lasted for five weeks.

Summer love can make people feel like their heart is being ripped from their chest. That their lungs can no longer give them oxygen when they are around that person. Love can make people do some crazy things. I have to say loving someone is the most amazing thing in the world. Exeter love is the cutest but it also can be the worst.

I’ve seen relationships here go from being cute into being the worst. It’s hard to see people so in love when things aren’t going right in their relationship.  Don’t play with people’s hearts because they will probably have trust issues in the end.  For the people who have a boyfriend or a girlfriend back at home, stop cheating on those people because those are the people who are going to really have your back. Summer loving really did happen so fast.