As the week concluded, students looked forward to enjoying an unsupervised trip to old-fashioned Boston! Located in the state of Massachusetts, only about an hour and half drive from Exeter, the city is an attraction basically made for teenagers and young adults attending university/school. They have everything an Exeter student would enjoy, ranging from the Charles River to  world-renowned Newbury Street. So, last Sunday, having paid $35, we hopped on a school bus and were driven to Boston Common, the center of the city!

Most students would start the day in Boston by having a sweet Starbucks coffee to refresh after the bus. But me, I was in a rush to barely make an appointment at the Apple Store on Boylston Street. My phone was having some problems with the software, which was driving me crazy and needed a quick fix. Once I handed my phone in I felt relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.

While my phone would be worked on at Apple, my friends had told me all week to visit this “secret store” located in Copley Square. This store had a huge surprise in its design: essentially once you’re in the store, it’s very depressing and the smell is not describable, I was truly disgusted and had no intention to continue browsing the store. Yet, here comes the twist, directly in front of the entrance there is a supposed vending machine, which actually is a sliding automatic door leading to this modern and neat looking store that sells branded shoes and clothing such as Adidas, New Balance, Nike and more!

Once my mind was blown and my phone wasn’t ready, I decided food was necessary at the moment. A friend of mine and I went to the Cheesecake Factory and he had for lunch a smoked salmon and I had a relatively large guacamole salad. We had to rush out of the restaurant and run as quickly as possible to the Apple Store where my phone was ready for pick-up. The reason for the rushing and running was mainly fear that they would raise the price because of my delay. We barely made it and I thanked the nice attendant who completely understood my delay and concern. When my phone was given back I felt relieved and happier than ever!

After this relief my friend and I decided to meet with the other group to spend the rest of the day with them. We walked over to Quincy Market and guess what? The others had left us alone again for almost another hour, until finally all of us were together. We began to walk around the market and found this place that interested us quite a lot — “Frost Ice Loft” on the second floor. We paid little for a fantastic experience. It’s a bar where every table and material is made out of ice. To cover yourself from the cold (-10 degrees Fahrenheit) you were given huge Siberian coats and gloves.

Once we left the Ice Bar, we didn’t realize the time had flown by. It was 5:40 and it was a 20-minute walk to Boston Common. I don’t know how we made it with time to spare. So before the buses departed, a Dunkin’ Donuts was necessary!

Thank You Boston