CSI is special. To every single student. In every single other way.

The CSI cluster had a special time in Boston. Our three-day excursion started last week on the luscious fields of the library, waiting for the pleasant ride of buses. With a surprise stop, we headed towards the Gillette Stadium, but no…. there’s more.

Instead, we became actual CSIs through “Espionage”, a stimulation that was an exciting and one¬-of-¬a-kind experience. With a lunch, we headed towards our haunted hotel, the Omni Parker House. We settled in for a bit but through much traffic, we headed towards the great Quincy Market, a well-known landmark in the city of Boston.

We spent about an hour and a half with buddies, getting small snacks and experiencing the daily Bostonian life of watching breathtaking street theater and captivating performances and later going to a delightful Asian restaurant, Wagamama.

Then, each group gave a Starbucks gift card to two outstanding students voted by their peers. We returned to our fancy rooms for some rest.

The next day, we were pumped to start our second day of our trip. We ate filling breakfasts and we headed to Quincy Market again. This time, we had a snack and lunch there. We then split into our four  groups and we all got personal tours of the northern side of Boston. The tour guides were telling us sad, funny and haunting stories. You can imagine our exhaustion.

But we were still up and ready to start, before you knew it. So we headed towards the delicious Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Then we split back up into our four groups and we started The Hunt. The Scavenger Hunt. It was a competition to find lots of Bostonian Landmarks in a limited amount of time.

Before the day ended, we had a great opportunity to watch a detective play called “Shear Madness.” It was a memorable experience. It was a hysterical¬ modern play where you had to find out who the perpetrator was. The highlight was when the audience was part of the play, halfway in. We got to yell out numerous questions.

Our day was done and we headed back to the hotel for some rest, making it the last night that we would stay there for. So after another breakfast, we headed to the conference room because we had a guest speaker — the head of security for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. He was Anthony Amore.

He told us some of the biggest art theft stories and said that he has hope for solving the big art theft that happened at Gardner’s. We stopped at Quincy market for the last time, picking up a lunch to take with us. We had a chance to become friends of some geese in a park, while we were waiting.

Lastly, w ended our trip with a stop at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, seeing beautiful paintings and aftermath of the great theft on March 18, 1990. We saw how beautiful and organized the museum was, largely because of the will Mrs. Gardner wrote.

But right when we were about to leave, some students spotted the 2014 ring on an old man. We couldn’t believe our eyes. It was Charles Johnson, the owner of the San Francisco Giants. OWNER!!! Our whole trip was filled with unexpected surprises. But we still came back home.