Sunny and pretty days surround me,

“click, click” photographs everywhere.

I feel locked in a bubble,

full of blue skies and pretty smiling faces.

I am from the beauty of mountains,

that cover you with a hug every morning.

I am from family and friends,

from pictures that keep memories.

I am from helping others without expecting something back.

From dedication and hard work.

From a place full of heroes and leaders,

but also from big lies and injustice.

People beg for food everyday.

Suffering has become something normal.

Far from that,

Children without education or family are in the streets,

What else can I say?

No one will ever understand,

why I believe on fighting for this disaster.

But I am a believer of fighting for this mess,

because I am from hope and faith of people.

It will always thunder and rain,

but the sun will shine out again.

I am from this “terrific” and controversial place.