Sunsets amaze me. Moving water moves me. Walks in the park trail me around the world. I find myself in nature quite often. I like getting lost for the most part, and sometimes in my doubts the sun always finds me with its warmth. Though many say that things in nature mainly look the same, I’ve learned in time that if you look closely enough you will find that everything has uniqueness.
A lot of the uniqueness can be found where many of us forget to look. I look at the world the way I look at clouds in the sky. Sometimes they are grey, white, fluffy, shallow, thin, long, with a multitude of personalities. When gazing at them from a soft moist grass they become animalistic, realistic, and even humanistic. Although they are so different, these clouds have in common one thing: they are constantly changing. The clouds, a collective group of things that commit their lives to serving the world, creating disasters or fertilizing our crops with their rain, are important to our survival.
Regardless whether it is the summer, autumn, winter or spring the clouds will always mean a lot of things. I look to the clouds in a time of doubt. That even after the rain the sun will come out. I look to the clouds in a time of praise. I thank them for bringing happy days. Days when growing flowers bring color for creativity. Days when flowing water brings a drought to its end. But why is it that so few see the beauty within?
We dance on the sky’s beautiful flowers. We no longer dance to summon the sky’s great work. We blow smoke to the already puffy heavens. We leave our faults to be washed away, but never truly be gone. The sky harvests our wheat, which gives us ale to enjoy. In spite of that we break our glasses, careless about where they will end. And on my explorations why is it that the uniqueness to be found is that of a plastic bottle?
Earth was not only created for you and me but for all to enjoy and inhabit. Flowers enjoy the rain. Ants enjoy the rain. Humans enjoy the rain. Don’t forget the little things because uniqueness is easy to find, but it takes awareness to appreciate its importance.