Every year, students leave behind — or perhaps forget — their personal belongings at Exeter. Some students have a hard time trying to fit their clothes and other stuff in their luggage, some don’t want to take part of their belongings, some prefer to donate them and some just leave what they think is unnecessary.

Student Baran Abali said: “I did a lot of shopping here and I don’t think I will be able to fit everything back to my luggages. So, I decided to not take my bed sheet and pillow. I am planning to take them to the Summer School office.”

Another student, Jaime Ostler said “I am planning to give my fan to the summer school because no student should have to live with that much heat.”

In previous years, students have left behind a lot of things and this seems to be a big issue for the school to deal with. Amy Fish, from the Summer School office said: “This is an issue from year to year as students can be forgetful when they are packing to leave. It’s probably because students are too busy having fun with their friends and saying goodbye during their last days. Packing and finding lost items are not as important!”

Since this happens every year, Summer School came up with a useful solution.

In the past, toiletries and women’s soap were donated to a women’s shelter. Towels and linens were donated to the SPCA and fans were recycled for future Summer School students on scholarship. Even then, a lot of was left. This year, everything will be donated somewhere and almost nothing will be left behind.

Fish said the following for what will happen this year: “There is a plan of action for clean up this  year. Here is what will happen; clothing donations will be made to the Wonderland thrift shop in Exeter. There will be a bedding and books collection and donation to a local center. There will be an electronics recycling program. We are hoping to partner with Exeter Rent-All. The fans will be cleaned twice a year and stored by Exeter Rent-All, then rented to students at a substantial discount. We think that would be the best way to reduce the number of fans purchased and then thrown away each year.”

It is proven that students leave clothing, blankets, and toiletries behind the most. “I have a lot of clothes that don’t fit me anymore, I was hoping to donate them.” said student, Yaman Yücel.

A large number of students are aware of what to do with the stuff they don’t want to take home and hopefully, they will make the right decision to give them to Summer School for people in need and recycling for further use.    

“I think, donating what you’re not using, is a very good decision,” said Umay İçkol.”Not only will you help the school and its students, but you will help to those in need.”