The last 5 weeks have been a turbulent time to say the least. From running around getting story after story for Journalism, finding my book for Global Justice, to trying to keep concentrated filming and editing during and after Video Production, my time here has been hectic. But, there was usually something to look forward to, and that was playing soccer in Seacoast. Knowing that I will be able to play a game that I love to the bottom of my heart was something that was close to euphoric.
I’ve gotten to know the group and team as a band of brothers who have been a huge part of me as a steeping stone to maturity, and a sense of stability. Just knowing that for an hour and a half, I would be playing a sport that I love, and just dedicating that time to getting better at the sport — well, it has been an honor playing with you guys!
When we leave a place we hope that we made an impression, that we left a mark on the place we leave. That we will be remembered in some way. I hope that I will be remembered there as the most acrobatic goalkeeper there, as well as a brother on a team where the brotherhood was transparent. Now that we leave in a few days, I want to say thanks for the experience. Thank you Seacoast United!