With summer coming to a close, what is called “trendy” is changing. Many students at Exeter embrace the trend transformation and convey this through things they wear every day or plan to wear in upcoming events such as the end-of-summer Dance.
“I like that we have so much vintage fashion,” said Hannah Scheithauer. Seventeen-year-old Hannah noticed that many of the clothes she found in her mother’s closet are similar to what could be found in popular clothing stores such as Top Shop and H&M.
“I love that you can see crop tops, high waist pants, and flair jeans almost everywhere,” said Hannah. She noted that she even borrowed the vintage chic idea from her parents to trail trends during her time at Exeter. She plans to wear a short black and white checkered crop top for her dance performance on Wednesday, August the 5th, and Thursday, August the 6th.
Though being popular is indeed what makes a trend trendy, some choose to stray away and fabricate their own style. Yeerem Chum is an upper school student who takes a more Gothic approach to her brand. To Yeerem being stylish is black lipstick and high-healed combat boots.
“I don’t really follow the trends, I make my own style,” said Yeerem.
Additionally, many boutiques in the town of Exeter supply the latest couture. Located at 109 Water St. is Ganesh. Ganesh is a local Bohemian-styled women’s clothing store that offers a wide range of products from henna to Indian cloth handbags.
Sales associate Jen Poulin said “Everyone seems to be doing henna now, and our flash tattoos are very popular and make great accessories.”
Ganesh also offer an assortment of Indian and middle eastern influenced patterns. The store hand picks fabrics of bags to be sent from India.
“These bags are probably the most versatile,” said Poulin.
The bags are normally used as fashion statements because of their vivid colors, but they are also reversible and can be used as beach bags and school bags.
When deciding what to wear to the end-of-summer Dance, fashion gurus have to take all of this into consideration. Where to shop? What to buy? How to match?
Hannah, Yeerem, and Poulin mentioned that what is really trending is confidence. Though Hannah enjoys shopping at places like Mango and Zara, Yeerem enjoys shopping at Topshop, and Poulin enjoys selling clothes to people who enjoy fashion, they all come to a consensus that you have to be happy in what you wear.
“That’s what you should choose your clothes by, what you feel happy in,” said Hannah.