I walk past this bench at least ten times a day.

I’m usually in a rush and try not to stray.

But today I stopped and decided to sit.

It has dates and names of Phillips Exeter Academy students on it.

I went to the library and asked for the archives.

It says that these men were in the Korean or Vietnam war and gave their lives.

From Lester to Walker, from John to Blazer.

From William to Wilcox the 3rd

From Langdon Gates, to Charles Ryberg.

All of these men were students here long ago.

From 1935 to 65 their bravery will always show.

So on November 11, 1995

Exeter built this memorial to remember when they were alive.

So when you walk to the bench on the side of the street.

It’s perfectly fine to stop and take a seat.