The book “The Great Gatsby”, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, has a first-person narrator, a man named  Nick, who also writes the story. His family has pushed him to attend a business college. He had moved recently to New York and  lived near a guy called Gatsby, who was very rich and had a mansion. The narrator introduces two more characters to the book: Daisy — Nick’s cousin — and Tom, her husband. There is a green light coming from Gatsby’s mansion that intrigates Nick because he doesn’t know what that is.

Nick and Tom were in a train heading New York and Tom convinced him to get out of the train in one of the stops. They went to George Wilson’s house (whose wife was Tom’s lover). They went to New York and threw a party there and Tom got drunk. At this point, Gatsby is well known but no one seems to have a concrete information about him; he is mysterious.

One of the things that Gatsby was known for was that he threw huge parties at his house. One day he invited Nick, who went to the party. When he got there he heard a lot of people talking about Gatsby. No one  really knew where he and his wealth came from. A woman named Jordan speculates that Gatsby is a German Spy, graduated from Oxford and had already killed a person. At the party, Nick sat at a table with a man who said he looked familiar and introduced himself as Jay Gatsby. Nick noticed that Gatsby put himself out of the party and stayed watching his guests. Nick starts to be attracted to Jordan who had a mysterious conversation with Gatsby.

Nick went to a trip to New York with Gatsby who started talking about his life but the stories seem a little improbable and Nick is not believing Gatsby. Nick meets Jordan in New York and she tells him about the mysterious conversation that she had with Gatsby. He was in love with Nick’s cousin Daisy for a long time and Gatsby wanted Nick to invite her to Nick’s house for drinking tea and Gatsby would show up there to see the love of his life.

When Nick was back at his house, he was surprised that Gatsby’s house was quiet. He saw Gatsby, who seemed very exited and nervous. Gatsby was trying to make Nick feel good because he wanted Nick to help him with the plan to get Daisy back. Nick agreed with it.

On the day of the encounter, Gatsby was very nervous and sent someone to cut Nick’s grass and sent flowers to him. He was worried that, even if they got back, it would not be the same as it was when they were young. The encounter was pretty good and they even forgot that Nick was there. At one point, Nick stood up and left them alone.

Gatsby is a mysterious guy in the begining of the book. As the book advances, he starts to reveal himself and the reader can notice that like all people, he has his good qualities and bad qualities. Jay is insecure, he is strange, anxious, but also can be a good man. This book shows that wealth isn’t a happiness fountain. Throwing parties all the time and spending money doesn’t made Gatsby as happy as when he met Daisy.