Have you ever feel lost in waves of humans? Have you ever drifted in insecurities? Today is a sunshiny moment. The flames of sun lightly sparkle throughout the campus. I had an enjoyable walk to the Mayer Arts Center. Stopping and sight seeing. After a rough browsing around the campus, I came to a black, polished, plastic bench. Some parts of it were carved with chaotic handwriting and you can easily even see sloppy scratches. To me, the bench seemed to be a nice, approachable old man. His daily routine is to observe quietly from remote places, watching passersby coming and leaving. Across this spot stand energetic trees. Lively swaying from summer breeze and do not seemed to be bothered by the continuous chirping of birds. The combination of these two items often appears in artistic movie scenes. Imagine when you like to spend a Sunday afternoon leisurely, wandering around the environment. You can always relax and embrace worries in this comfortable zone while letting yourself inhale refreshing sunlight.

I wonder how many pedestrians stop by to share their stories, and I wonder how many people were emotionally healed with security provided by the black bench.