The Grill is da bomb! It is just the best place to buy your needs as well as some very tasty food. Workers at The Grill are very kind and happy to serve students but do you know who is responsible for its amazing performance?

Bob Brown is the manager of The Grill. He is 60 years old, yet looks 45. He has been working at PEA for 8 years. “I love my job. I like it a lot. It suits me very well,” said Brown. He is 60 years old. He works about 9 hours a day, 45 hours a week which can be very tough at times. As the manager, he has to cover for anyone who quits until he finds a replacement.

Even though Brown says his job is not hard, it actually is very difficult. “If the operation is running smoothly than everything is okay,” he said. “Even then, I have to do a lot of ordering. I have to talk to several companies in order to talk about what we need for The Grill.”

Brown lives in Newmarket, which is about 12 miles from campus. He has a big family, 3 boys, and 3 girls. “My children are grown ups. My oldest child is 35, and my youngest child is 22.” Brown likes fishing. He has a boat and he tries to get out every weekend, often fishing in the ocean.

As  manager of The Grill, Brown works at PEA in the regular session as well. “For regular session, it is basically the same work, just different kids. Summer school is the busiest because kids don’t have that much time during regular session. During regular session, students have class between 8 a.m to 6 p.m. They can’t come to The Grill as much as summer school students do, due to their lack of time.”

Brown has a very good relationship with his crew. Everybody likes him and listens to his instructions. Sometimes The Grill is very busy but they get everyone what they need in no time. They do their job fast and very well. Brown can do anything at The Grill. He can cook as well as serve as cashier.