The situation in Brazil is critical. All the government corruption is worrying Brazilian citizens. The “Operação Lava-Jato” is a investigation into the biggest oil company in Brazil: Petrobras. It has deflected billions of Reais (1 dollar equals 3.13 Brazilian Reais) from the company. Recently, people are accusing the government of being involved and knowing that the money was stolen. With that scenario, a question comes up: Is Brazil ready to host a event like the Olympics?

Next year, the Olympics are set for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although it is a beautiful city, there are a lot of bad things happening there. One of them is the corruption and robbers on the streets. When a person goes out to take a walk, he/she doesn’t feel safe.

There are many cases of violence; for example, the 13-year-old kid stabbed by robbers who wanted his bike. This case happened in one of the wealthy areas of Rio: Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Another case was a man’s death for the same reason and in the same place. The main change that the government needs to make is to improve security.

Even with all those problems, the country knows how to disguise things and pretend everything is under control. Construction is late: there still many things to do  before the games begin; for example: public health, education, security and infra-structure. The subway was supposed to be ready to use by 2016 but it looks like that isn’t happening. Just  walking to my school (10 minutes walk) I pass everyday 5 construction sites.

In 2013, one year before the World Cup, Brazil was suffering through many protests against the government. Many people said that the World Cup would be a failure. Personally, I thought it would be a failure, but to my surprise, I was wrong. It was a extraordinary World Cup, despite Brazil loss of 7-1 to Germany. In the end, everyone was satisfied and nothing serious happened.

Events like this bring many tourists to the country and that can help the economy. Because Rio has beautiful beaches, great tourism, places like Sugar Loaf and Christ the Redeemer, it will benefit a lot from the tourism. The expectations for this Olympics are great in Rio. There are a lot of advertisements and most of the tickets are sold out. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen and it will be a great event just like the World Cup was.