It’s a seemingly random poster hung up in the corner. The border is thick and a subtle olive green with the inside featuring a pink and cream coloured woman. Her dainty eyes are almost closed and she has curly, poofy coffee-coloured hair cascading down her shoulder. Her gloved hand is grasping some kind of of cane and she is surrounded by baby pink thorns and roses the same olive green as the border. At the top, written in fat white letters, reads Tosca, an Italian surname, also my mother’s surname. A description at the bottom has something written in Italian, and I believe it is talking about music. What year is this sign from? I wonder. And what is the music that it is advertising? I wonder what series of events led to this poster being here, in the PEA library. Who got this here? I imagine that maybe an Italian student brought it from their home. It’s may be from a long time ago.