The object I chose is this beautiful plate in my common room. I live in Amen hall on the fourth floor so I can see it every day. There are three plates but I’m just going to talk about the one I like the most. My favorite plate is the one in the middle. I like this plate because the design is quite interesting; it could tell a little story. The design on this plate is a picture of a dormitory on the Exeter campus. It’s a picture of Amen Hall full of students. I think it’s a picture of students who have graduated but live in Amen Hall. If you look at the bottom of the plate you could see that it says “love Amen.” This gives me more clues on what the plate is about. I think that the students who graduated helped each other paint this plate before they graduated. Furthermore, I also think that they were the one who placed these plates in the common room so that they could be remembered. The colors that they use are very colorful because they used bright colors while the other two are quite pale. I find this plate very fascinating because this plate actually reminds me of the photo taken in sixth grade as a class.