My parents always told me that I learned to swim before walking. Probably this is not completely true considering that for my dad the concept of “swim” is throw into the water a little girl with water wings and see if she moves in a nearly straight line. But one thing is sure: I always fared better in the water than on the mainland.

I was one of that kids who could stay for hours and hours playing in the sea, until my mom made me go out because of my almost webbed hands. But lucky for me, my parents are also enamoured of the sea and

we used to spend our holidays on a sailboat. I was responsible for recovering things on the seabed. This included also picking up the fuel cap in the “clean” water of the port… In this way I started holding my breath and then scuba diving.

Having started to dive when I was ten years old and getting my first license, I’m pretty advanced for my age and once I will be over eighteen I can became a scuba diving guide. Despite my father’ s terror of me working forever as a dive instructor, I think that I will try it, not as a permanent work, but only to follow my passion and to pay for my studies.