1. A black rock shines from behind a mirrored pane in the back of the science center. Its jagged edges are dipped in amber and the whole stone appears to shine from within. I wonder where it came from. Maybe a generous donor, maybe it was found on campus, but to me, this stone is the heart of a volcano. It seems to beat with energy, and the orange highlights pulse as lights move over them. I wonder what old mountain had to die to let me see this heart of stone
  2. I watch from behind a closed window as three workers toil through the rain. They are building something, or renovating something. I am unsure which one. They carry a long tube into the fenced in building. I wonder what is being completed. I wonder if I watch for long enough I would I would notice their project being finished. Would I be able to see the walls forming? Could I tell the difference from one hour to the next? One day to the next? I guess I will never know. All I will be aware of is the green fences, orange vests, and hard workers until their job is done. Then I will see the beauty.