Monday’s Assembly featured the group of Stanford lecturers who teach The Creative Process cluster. Each of the four described their upbringing and talked about how it influences the work they do today.

And they all advocated one activity above all: play.

“We are creators,” said John Barton who attended Exeter like his father and heads the cluster. “We make things. In short, we play.”

He called play the major factor that influenced all of their work. He described play as “intense, rigorous and can happen anywhere.” It seems play allows creativity to flow and new projects to be formed and completed. 

“I play and play and play, with curiosity leading the way,” said John Edmar, another of the team.

All of this is part of the creative cluster, in its second year here at Exeter Summer School. In this cluster students from around the world dream up and design new projects with the help of lecturers from Stanford University. In each class play is always invited. According to Annalisa Boslough, a Stanford graduate student lecturing in the cluster, play embodies creativity, community, engagement and experience.

“We see play as Harkness,” said another lecturer, Amy Larimer. Harkness allows students to design projects without fully knowing the end result, she said. The cluster’s crowning project so far this summer has been the geodesic Dome outside the Academy Center. “We brought the Harkness Table to the Dome.” said Larimer.

“Play is not frivolous.”