On July 8, at 4:00 p.m., Summer School Life Day, the boys of Exeter’s Main Street dorm went out for a day of festivities, to kick off a day of t-shirt making fun.

Since the boys had had a strenuous three days of hard studying and rigorous classes, the dorm heads decided to take the boys out for ice-cream or bowling, and the girls for similar activities  before making t-shirts for Field Day since it was due to start that Saturday.

The boys then went to their respective head dean’s classroom, offices, or their dorm’s respective common rooms, to make the t-shirts and enjoy their dairy goodies as well as to relax and reflect on their first few days here at their new home for the next five weeks.

The boys’ attention was focused on Field Day due to the close proximity of its date. They laughed, sang, and joked about their classes, as well as their home states and countries. They talked and designed their shirts, while undertaking the task of making their t-shirt represent their dorm spirit as they will have to represent their dorms for Field Day.

When asked their thoughts on Summer School Life Day, Patrick Reed, aged 16, Austin Mason, 17, and Nicholas Whiteside, 16, said that it was “Really fun and good experience with the dorms,” as well as being “ An active day for every country mile we had to walk.”

Gianni Torti, 15, when asked about what he thought of Summer School Life Day, stated that “I thought it was fun, because I think that the ability to design our own t-shirts was enjoyable.”

Field Day was set for Saturday, July 11, with a barbecue afterwards. The staff encouraged Upper School students as well as the Access children to participate.